Almost everyone has heard of Toto toilets. The company have become one of the leading manufacturers of loo units and other bathroom accessories in the united states and Canada. 안전놀이터 And with good reason. Toto’s extensive experience, commitment to high quality products, and a progressive design and technology department have made Toto toilets some of the best in the world.

Some of the popular models add some Toto Drake, the Ultramax loo, and the Soiree. Not to mention Toto’s amazing bidet loo seats, with the Toto Washlet S300 being a best seller. These are amazing products and remarkably well priced, considering what you get for your money.

Whichever Toto loo you intend to fit, pre-planning is essential prior to making a purchase. If you already have Toto products in your bathroom, color matching should not be too much of an issue. But if you are mixing and matching products, you need to ensure that you can coordinate the different models. Not too much of an issue if white is your color.

toilets in the Toto range are available in a number of different styles. Round or elongated bowl, standard height and a slightly a more elevated model for tall people of those who have problems sitting on a lower loo. Elongated bowls protrude into the room a little further, usually around 32 long, but do suggest to a modern feel which many homeowners prefer.

The Toto Ultramax is one of the leading models, and a bestseller. It’s a one piece, siphon jet flushing loo system. It’s sleek design makes it a great model to choose for any home, regardless of age. Available in a number of colors, with Sedona beige and the Sanagloss cotton white models being everyday materials popular. Using only 1. 6 gallons of water per flush, it’s a great model if you are environmentally aware, and want to preserve water.

The Toto Drake is another top selling loo, sporting a quiet flush and top off system, and is also built with water conservation in mind. The vitreous china loo has the benefits of an ionized barrier which created a slippery and non porous surface to prevent the adhesion of dirt and bacteria. It also is easy cleaning.